Movies Under the Stars

Fort Sheridan Movie Night
Movie Night under the Tower

Fort Sheridan’s inaugural “movie under the stars” highlighted the best of our community. The tower at sunset provided a stunning backdrop for the gathering of 50+ residents of all ages who mingled first and then relaxed in lawn chairs or upon blankets - popcorn, treats and drinks in hand - to enjoy the show.  The picture perfect evening came to a close with the famous last scene of Ferris Buehler’s Day Off  wherein viewers enjoyed a glimpse of neighbor Suzanne Cahnmann’s daughter who played one of the students on the bus.

Fort Sheridan Movie Concessions

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the inaugural event so fun and memorable. A special thank you is in order for Donna Fitzgerald who started the tradition of movie night, created the Fort Sheridan Historical Society and recruited an “army” of volunteers: Bonnie and Rick Gordon, Margie Ariano, Anne Maxfield, Karen Rooney, Bill Lolli, Alex Tenuta, Rich Hiles, Joel and Sue Minster, and Alison and Daniel Wertheimer. Thank you also to residents and even visitors who jumped up to help: Duane and Irene, Judy Carpenter, John Schilling and John Varones. Everyone coming together made the beautiful night all the more so. #This is is why we live here!

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry! There were three movie nights this summer at Fort Sheridan, and this tradition will surely continue next summer. Is it possible that Fort Sheridan is the only community on the North Shore that has outdoor movie nights? Maybe! That's what makes living in The Fort so special. See you at the movies! Sincerely, Alison