Oak Terrace Elementary School

Photo Credit Oak Terrace Facebook  page .

Photo Credit Oak Terrace Facebook page.


About Oak Terrace Elementary School

Oak Terrace is the most unique elementary school in District 112. Located in Highwood, it's home to a diverse community from both Highwood and Highland Park. Rebuilt in 2000, it is the newest and most modern facility in the district. Similar to a magnet school, Oak Terrace offers a focused theme in how it educates its students.

Oak Terrace boasts the largest Dual Language Immersion program in the area. It has four sections per grade, starting with its full-day Kindergarten all the way through 5th Grade, approximately 80% of the curriculum is taught in Spanish. The goal is that students will be fluent in Spanish by the time they head off to middle school.

Amy Cengel is the Principal, and along with about 80 staff members the school serves approximately 500 students. The mission of Oak Terrace school is to empower every student to become a responsible, life-long learner, create a sense of belonging and partnership with our community and encourage change through diversity in a climate of academic excellence. 

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