Homeowners of Fort Sheridan tend to be passionate about their living experiences at the Fort. They come from all walks of life with large families, smaller families or no families. They come from the immediate Northshore area, Evanston, Chicago and even out of state. Here are just some of what Fort Sheridan residents have to say about their community:

Jim and Lucy Hospodarsky

"Our life revolves around our children and family activities. We have found numerous extra curricular activities and sports. The Highwood baseball and Highland Park Park District programs have been great and we enjoy regular visits to the Highland Park water park. The Midwest Young Artists music school on Fort Sheridan grounds has a Fine Arts summer camp program which our daughter attended for two years."

"Our children attended a wonderful pre-school program at St. James School. Other neighbors have raved about their choices, Highland Park Community Nursery School, Montessori, B’nai Torah, among just a few options. Two of our children attend Oak Terrace Elementary School, along with most of our neighborhood children (we fill an entire bus!). Oak Terrace has a Dual Language Spanish Immersion program which we have found to be an excellent program for our 4th grader and kindergartener."

Anne and Eric Kirsner

Anne and Eric Kirsner

"Eric and I fell in love with Fort Sheridan and our new home as soon as we saw them for the first time. We are in awe of the history that encompasses our home. We are expecting our first child and can’t wait to have our daughter so we can interact with all the kids who live around the neighborhood."


Eileen and Sherman Kaplan

"Eileen and I moved into our Fort Sheridan home on June 5, 2001 and have loved every minute of it since then. We are enchanted by the location, the open space and walking paths, as well as the historic architecture in our midst. But, that is only bricks and mortar. The real attraction the friends we have made among our neighbors, people who have become almost like a second family."


Dave and Lucy

"We were first intrigued with the open lands in this spacious historic development. There was something special about living with history. We loved the old architecture mixed with new construction. The Fort had an urban feel, yet we were in the suburbs! The added benefit was that this beautiful residential property was located so close to Lake Michigan. We jumped at the chance to move here when this unique development came on the market. What we have found is that we’ve become part of a true neighborhood with a strong sense of community."


Larry and Annalisa

"We originally moved to Fort Sheridan to be closer to Lake Michigan. Our hope was to find an area with many families, parks, and lots of space for our children to run around and stay not too far from Chicago. We were also very interested in the history and beautiful architecture of the Fort. The Community has truly exceeded our expectations. Our family is enjoying the many resources of the area including the great educational programs, restaurants and shops nearby. We have enjoyed getting to know other residents and have been pleased with the kindness and warm welcome we have received"

"Looking forward to many more years at the Fort!"

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